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Teste de Inglês - Nível intermediário
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Escolha abaixo qual é a melhor opção para completar a frase:
01) I didn't know you were here already. When _____?
  had you arrived were you arriving have you arrived did you arrive N.d.a
02) This house is often empty because the owners _____ abroad 5 times a year.
  are going used to go were going go N.d.a
03) You are drinking your third cup of coffee. How many cups _____ a day?
  do you drink? have you drunk? did you drink? you drink ? N.d.a
04) -I have liked cowboy movies ever since I _____ a child.
  am was had been have been N.d.a
05) -"Is your sister at home?" "No, she isn't. She _____ to the theatre."
  went was going has been going has gone N.d.a
06) -When we _____ lunch, we'll go for a walk.
  have had had have have had had N.d.a
07) -When the bank _____ three weeks ago, the police were there waiting for the robbers.
  was broken into? were broken into? has been broken into had been broken into? N.d.a
08) -"When did you last speak English?" "I _____ English since I was at school."
09) -My brother and my sister _____ about something when I _____ into the room.
  were arguing - was walking argued - walked was arguing - walked were arguing - walked N.d.a
10) -Don't ask for another book until you _____ this one.
  don't finish didn't finish have finished haven't finished N.d.a
11) -I've heard about the book, but I _____ it yet.
  haven't read don't read didn't read hadn't read N.d.a
12) -"What is this strange smell?" "The milk _____."
  burnt has burnt had burnt was burning N.d.a
13) -They _____ to the cinema whenever they can.
  are going go have gone would have gone N.d.a
14) -Robert _____ in Kenya a few weeks ago.
  is arriving arrives arrived has arrived N.d.a
15) -I _____ anyone so amusingly absent-minded.
  could never known never know has never known have never known N.d.a
16) -At that time we _____ in Paris.
  would live used to live have been living were living N.d.a
  -The boys refused _____ any father.
  to go going N.d.a
  -Do you swear _____ the truth and nothing but the truth?.
  to tell telling N.d.a
  -Jack denies _____ the criminal.
  to know knowing N.d.a
  -Jason risked _____ a big mistake in the competition.
  to make making N.d.a
Elabore um texto argumentativo, em inglês, com ao menos 20 linhas, sobre o seguinte tema:"Porque preciso aprender Inglês?" *
* obrigatório